In 2014, Sorini ER Solutions (formerly NetMD Business) engaged with Oakwood Healthcare, a 5 hospital system in Michigan, to develop processes that ensured charge capture and improved reimbursement. We tracked metrics and completed all documentation quickly and accurately but, most importantly, we delivered on our promise of great operational and financial results for the health system.

We have been rated in the top 2 percentile by Bettinger, Stimler & Associates for coding accuracy and compliance. Third party vendors are the greatest risk to the corporate integrity of a health system and at Sorini ER Solutions, we take no chance. We are backed by Hall Render’s Nova Compliance Group to ensure an active and up-to-date compliance program.

Who We Are

At Sorini ER Solutions our focus is the patient. As a company owned by Board-Certified Emergency Physicians, we know that the proper documentation of resources utilized in providing sophisticated and comprehensive care is critically important to achieving optimum reimbursements to the hospital. We have often discovered that hospitals fail to provide the documentation of resources utilized in delivering patient care in the ER.

Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals have a proven track record of helping hospitals to improve both documentation and reimbursement.

Our Mission

We implement compliant, resource-utilization based standards aligned with those set by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) which ensure that hospitals accurately reflect the total package of care delivered in the ER.

Our Values

We value a vibrant partnership with our clients rooted in safe, high quality, and compliant support for operational excellence in healthcare delivery.