Who We Are

At Sorini ER Solutions our focus is the patient. As a company owned by Board-Certified Emergency Physicians, we know that the proper documentation of resources utilized in providing sophisticated and comprehensive care is critically important to achieving optimum reimbursements to the hospital. We have often discovered that hospitals fail to provide the documentation of resources utilized in delivering patient care in the ER.

Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals have a proven track record of helping hospitals to improve both documentation and reimbursement.

Our Mission

We implement compliant, resource-utilization based standards aligned with those set by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) which ensure that hospitals accurately reflect the total package of care delivered in the ER.

Our Values

We value a vibrant partnership with our clients rooted in safe, high quality, and compliant support for operational excellence in healthcare delivery.


How We Can Help

How many outpatient visits came through your emergency department last year and did you accurately capture the documentation to ensure proper reimbursement? As specialists in emergency medicine, we know how hectic the ER is. Sorini ER Solutions can provide you with a view of your facility coding for outpatient ER charts – and give you the comparative statistics to understand your documentation in a new light. One step further, we provide you the solution you need to address the opportunities you uncover.

Bottom line, we don’t simply monitor a problem — WE FIX IT!

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An ER is a Very Busy Place.

Many services and technologies previously reserved for the evaluation of inpatient care have now become the purview of the ER. This has resulted in the pivotal position of the ER in rapid and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic intervention previously unheard of in the ER setting. Nowadays many patients are completely worked up in the ER, regardless of whether they are ultimately admitted or discharged. These workups require ever-increasing expenses for the hospital. Unfortunately, however, the proper compliant documentation of this care has not kept pace with the provisions of such care. As a result, hospitals nationwide are leaving 10 BILLION DOLLARS on the table in ER outpatient visits every year simply because of the continued focus on the low-volume, high DRG inpatient reimbursement, while the high-volume, “low” reimbursement ER services are ignored.

Sorini ER Solutions helps hospitals to refocus on…

  • The resources utilized in providing care to the patients in the modern day ER
  • The proper and complex methods of documentation of these resources utilized to ensure maximal and appropriate reimbursement for the hospital.
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Accurate Leveling

To date, there is no national standard for facility assignment of code levels for outpatient services in the emergency department. CMS requires each hospital to establish its own facility billing guidelines, using eleven criteria that must be met. We assist you ensure compliant, accurate coding for your hospital or health system outpatient emergency visitors with the most up to date consistent coding based on resource use.

No More Lost Charts

The pace of the emergency department often leaves facility charts undone, misplaced and occasionally lost. We review 100% of the visits to the emergency department daily and work with hospitals to find, and complete, missing charts. This ensures that all the required documentation is there prior to being coded.

Cash Acceleration

Sorini ER Solutions helps hospitals clear the backlogs of un-coded and incomplete charts from the emergency department. Leaving charts unsigned or incomplete in the hospital’s accounts receivable leads to delayed billing for patients and a slowdown of the cash flow for the facility. Our staff assists in reducing this backlog, which provides an infusion of cash collections.